The beautiful and lovely Tamra Judge is known for appearing in the popular reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. Through the show, she has also introduced her four lovely children, which she had from her previous marital affairs.

Want to know more about the ageless beauty, Tamra’s four children. From the following article explored who are her sons and daughters and her relationship with them.

Ryan Vieth

Ryan Vieth was born on 27 December 1985 in the United States of America. He is the eldest son of Tamra Judge and Darren Vieth. His parents divorced in 1990. On the other hand, he also appeared alongside his mother, Tamra, in The Real Housewives of Orange County. Alongside him, Ryan has three half younger siblings sisters, Sidney Barney and Sophia Barney, as well as brother, Spencer Berney.

Image of Caption:Tamra Judge son Ryan Vieth
Caption: Tamra Judge son Ryan Vieth

Before appearing in The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vieth has also appeared in several videos of Bravo TV and The Daily Dish. The oldest child Ryan Vieth is also a businessman and is the owner of his latest business venture known as Garden Goose, in which he sells seasonal outdoor flag sets.

Likewise, he is also a father of a child, daughter, Ava, born in the year 2015 from his previous relationship with his partner Sarah Rodriguez. The duo began dating in 2014. Ryan’s loving mother, Tamra, has also confirmed that both Ryan Vieth and Sarah Rodriguez have parted ways with each other, and the duo has also got the joint custody of their baby girl.

Sidney Barney

Born in 2000, Sidney Barney had a bad relationship with her mother, Tamra. Sidney’s estrangement story from Tamra Judge is also one of the topics of talk and conversation on the show, The Real Housewives of Orange County.


Image of Caption:Sidney Barney with her mother Tamra Judge and father Simon Barney
Caption: Sidney Barney with her mother Tamra Judge and father, Simon Barney

As per many reports, Tamra, at one time, wanted to quit her show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, for the sake of her daughter, Sidney. In one of the seasons of RHOC, Tamra further stated that she feels that she was erased from her daughter’s life.

But Tamra is always hopeful and open that their relationship will end someday. To better her relationship with her daughter, Sidney, she even attended Sidney’s high school education. In 2017, Sidney wrote in her Facebook post in which she claimed that Tamra was not like a mother to her and alleged that Tamra was extremely neglectful and made a toxic environment at home.

In spite of all this, Tamra Judge remains hopeful that her relationship with her estranged daughter, Sidney, will be better in the upcoming days.

Spencer Barney

Spencer Barney was born in 2001. He has also appeared alongside his two sibling sisters, Sidney and Sophia Barney in his mother reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Spencer, alongside her sister, Sophia Barney are incredibly close to their mother, Tamra Judge. Tamra attended Spencer’s graduation in June 2019.

Image of Caption: Tamra Judge with her son Spencer Barney
Caption: Tamra Judge with her son Spencer Barney

Tamra’s son Spencer loves and affection towards her and has a deep respect for his stepfather, Eddie Judge. He makes regular on his mother’s Instagram. As of Oct 2019, Tamra posted two new pieces of body art on the side of his son, Spencer’s forearm.

The son of Tamra is enjoying a happy life with his family and looking forward to the future alongside his siblings.

Sophia Barney

Born in 2006, Sophia Barney is the youngest child of Tamra Judge through her second husband, Simon Barney. Sophia is a student and an aspiring singer. She bought out her debut track as a singer and songwriter with the single pop tune, Sketchers on Soundcloud.

As of September 2019, Sophia’s mother, Tamra, said that in an interview that Sophia was going to work on her very own clothing line pretty soon. Nonetheless, she maintains a good relationship with her mother. Her mother also claims that Sophia looks similar to her.

Image of Caption: Tamra Judge and her daughter Sophia Barney
Caption: Tamra Judge and her daughter Sophia Barney

On the other hand, the gorgeous Sophia, too, loves her mother, Tamra, and maintains a healthy relationship with his stepfather, Eddie Judge. Sophia frequently appeared alongside her brother, Spencer, in their mother’s Instagram account. Similarly, both of Sophia’s children went on vacation with her and her husband, Eddie, which shows her kids love to be around them.

In conclusion, Tamra might not build an ideal relationship with all her children, but there’s always the chance that someday, the thing will change positively.

Caption: Tamra Opens up About Her Estrangement From Her Daughter


– How many children does Tamra Judge have?

She has four children from her previous marital relationship

– How many sons does she have?

She has two sons. Elder son Ryan Beith from her first husband Darren Beith and Spencer Barney from her second husband, Simon Barney.

– How many daughters does she have?

She has two daughters, Sidney and Sophia Barney from her second husband, Simon Barney.

– What do her sons do?

Her son, Ryan Beith is a businessman whereas her other son, Spencer is a student.

– What do her daughters do?

Her daughter, Sidney Barney is a student whereas her younger daughter, Sophia Barney is a singer and student

Tamra Judge’s Children

Name Birthdate Age Profession
Ryan Vieth 27 December 1985 34 years old Reality TV star, Businessman
Sidney Barney 2000 19 years old Student
Spencer Barney 2001 18 years old Student
Sophia Barney 2006 13 years old Student, singer

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