Most of the celebrities came to limelight through their spouses, siblings, parents, or involvement in multiple relationships. But some people are rich but not as famous as Hollywood stars. Likewise, the name is Gregg Davis, who is a businessman but rarely made his appearance in the media.

Gregg was married to Kim Richards, the main cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the late ‘90s, but lasted for shortly. The couple had everything in their life, but one thing we don’t understand why they ended their married life.

What is Gregg doing now? Read on to known the interesting facts about him and his relationships.

Gregg Davis is The Son of American Industrialist, Marvin Davis

Gregg Davis is the son of the billionaire and entertainment mogul, Marvin Davis and Barbara Davis. He is the owner of Pebble Beach, California. His mother, Barbara Levine, was a philanthropist.

Image of Gregg Davis was holding a hand of his former wife Kim Richards in the late 1990s
Caption: Gregg Davis was holding a hand of his former wife Kim Richards in the late 1990s

However, the birthdate and age are not mentioned on the online. Some sources speculated that he was born in the 1940s. Similarly, the educational qualification is also not available.

Gregg’s Father, Marvin Davis Died At Age 79

In 2004, his father, Marvin, left him and his family behind. According to the NY Times, Marvin H. Davis died at his home in Beverly Hills, California. Reportedly, Gregg’s dad died of natural causes. He had long suffered from heart trouble, diabetes, back pain, and other effects of weight.

Marvin left billions of fortune to his wife and children. His late father M. Davis was listed as the 30th richest person in the United States in 2004 by Forbes magazine.

Gregg Davis Has Four Siblings

Davis has three sisters; Dana Davis, Patricia Ann Davis Raynes, Nancy Davis Ricket, and a brother named John Davis.

His older sister Dana is a philanthropist and also a diabetes patient. Professionally, Dana is a teacher and worked on this for many years. Further, she developed her own shoe line and now serving as the executive director for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.

Gregg’s younger sister, Patricia Ann, is married to New York real estate developer Martin in 1983. Sadly, Patricia sued her mother, Barbara, and four siblings in 2005. She alleged that they looted a trust fund that set up her grandfather, Jack.

His youngest sister, Nancy, is an active supporter of charities dedicated to its cure. She was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. It is a demyelinating disease that insulating covers of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain are damaged. Nancy has been married twice. First, she tied the knot with Turkish American winegrower, Nebil Zarif. Later, she remarried to an entrepreneur, Ken Rickel.

Gregg’s brother, John, has chosen a different path and makes his career in the film industry. He is a producer and also the founder of Davis Entertainment. To date, he produced more than 100 movies and earned over $5 billion.

Gregg Davis is The Second Husband of Kim Richards

He walked down the aisle with Kim Richards in 1988 in the presence of their family and friends. But like most celebrity couples, their marriage lasted for a short period i.e three years. They divorced in 1991.

Image of Gregg Davis and Kim Richards were married from 1988 to 1991
Caption: Gregg Davis and Kim Richards were married from 1988 to 1991

However, the cause of their divorce is unknown until now. There was a rumor that she cheated on her husband with another man. Before Gregg, Kim was married to first husband, Monty Brinson, who was a supermarket franchise heir. Her first husband, Monty, died at the age of 58 from cancer in 2016.

Following the divorce, the couple got busy in their life. In 1991, Gregg ex-wife engaged with John J. Collett, who was a central figure in a criminal scheme involving elderly investors. Sadly, John was killed by hitman outside Brent’s Deli in Northridge.

Gregg Has Two Children

He and ex-wife Kim shared two kids; a daughter, Whitney Davis, and a son named Chad Davis. Kim is a TV personality, but their children love to keep their personal life to themselves. Gregg’s daughter is very concerned about her personal life and rarely appears in the media.

Kim shared a series of photos with her children on Happy Mother’s Day on Instagram back in 2019. She captioned the photo, “Happy Mother’s Day to all mommy’s out there.” She even mentioned his four kids born from different relationships.

Image of Gregg’s former wife, Kim Richards with her three daughters and son, went for a dinner in 2019
Caption: Gregg’s former wife, Kim Richards with her three daughters and son, went for a dinner in 2019

Gregg and Kim’s children are active on social media, but you won’t able to see their pictures and latest updates. Whitney has an Instagram account that goes by “@whittlesdavis,” where she has over 1k followers.

The couple’s youngest child, Chad Davis, also doesn’t like the camera. He only becomes famous because of his parents. Well, it is safe to say, he is in his thirties and enjoying his life. In 2019, he celebrated Christmas with his sisters, mom, niece, and nephew. Like his sister, he also kept his Instagram account private. Chad’s Instagram username is “@chaddyboy91,” where he has only 71 followers. On his Instagram bio, he writes, “Always Presevering Through Jesus Christ.”

Image of Chad Davis celebrated Christmas with his family in 2019
Caption: Chad Davis celebrated Christmas with his family in 2019

How Much Is Gregg Davis’s Net Worth?

As you already know, Gregg is the son of petroleum mogul Marvin Davis. His father was a billionaire who had amassed his fortune through oil and entertainment industries. Gregg’s father left lots of properties and billions of money to his family after his death.

Gregg walked into his father’s steps and Hausarbeit schreiben lasseninvolved in the family business. He served as the President of Davis Petroleum, Davis Petroleum Pipeline, and Davis Offshore. Yet, Davis hasn’t revealed the actual net worth. We can assure that Gregg’s has not a less than billion net worth. His late father, Marvin net worth, was $5.8 billion in 2004.

On the other hand, his ex-wife makes a considerable worth from her appearance on Bravo’s reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kim makes $100,000 per season. Kim Richards’ net worth is $400,000.

Gregg is Not Active in Social Media

He doesn’t use any social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, it is hard to get the latest information about Gregg. If you like to know recent updates about his ex-wife, Kim Richard, then you can follow her on Instagram.

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